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Quick Guide To Singapore Pools Odds

By now, most of us are well aware of the Singapore pools odds gambling addiction Singaporeans have been facing throughout history. To counter this, the Government placed rules to tackle the addiction and the chaos it brought.

Today, even though Singapore is one of the biggest countries where gambling is considered a staple for most citizens, they can now enjoy various forms of gambling through legal state-authorized, and owned companies.

One of which is a well-known online and on-land gambling company, Singapore pools. The platform is reputed for hosting some of the best legal sports betting and lotteries and making various legal bets online or offline.

Suppose you’re in Singapore or looking into the sports betting market in Singapore from wherever you are. Well, In that case, you’ll need some insight into the various rules and regulations set by Singapore pools or the Singapore pool’s odds on various bets.

Assuming that this is you, we’ve prepared this quick guide on Singapore pools or Singapore pools odds and everything you need to know before you start betting!

What Are Singapore Pools?

singapore pools odds

Singapore pools is an authorized state-run company where bettors can safely bet on sports and lotteries and perform other gambling activities without being persecuted by locals and officials alike.

They are the only authorized and legal gambling operators, both online and inland, found in Singapore for sports betting and lotteries. So if you’re in Singapore, you know what you shouldn’t do; place bets with non-licensed operators.

Ever since the gambling laws were placed, betting or gambling from unauthorized online casino websites or local operators without any authentic licensures was made illegal and seriously punishable by law.

The laws stated that if a person is found illegally betting on online casinos or local operators and outlets, they are penalized with a huge fine, or in the worst-case scenario, may look at a long jail time!

However, even though the law might seem harsh, legal betting on Singapore pools are quite popular, and it is surely not as bad as you might imagine. The Singapore pools odds are quite easy to learn and understand, and they offer one of the most secure spaces for each of their customers to safely bet on.

The platform is also equipped with some of the most popular sports betting trends and exciting lotteries to win big fortunes.

Learning Singapore Pools Odds

Like most sports betting casinos, Singapore pools offer several Singapore pools odds on each game you need to be familiar with to win graciously. Some of the types of odds include:

The Singapore Pools Odds- Fixed

Like any other sports betting or casinos that offer sports betting, this is the type of Singapore pools odds they offer that you must certainly be well versed with. You can study the fixed odds and bet on a match or a game before it starts, and if you win, you get paid double or even 10x the amount wagered.

The Inplay Singapore Pools Odds

The Inplay Singapore pools odds allow you to bet before or in between an ongoing match. But each player needs to bet before the end of the final whistle. For example, you can make in-play odds during a soccer match by understanding the Singapore pools soccer odds.

The Opening Singapore Pools Odds

Like any other traditional sports betting, regardless of the market, the opening Singapore Pools odds are released a week before or at the start of the game. This type of odds usually changes, so each player should always check the latest opening Singapore pools odds before they place a bet.

singapore pools soccer odds

Bet types Associated With Singapore Pools Soccer Odds

Full-time Bets

After studying the Singapore pools soccer odds of each match, each player can make full-time bets during the ninety-minute duration

This involves the 1×2 bet type, where bettors can bet on the full-time score, predicting if the match goes to a team of your choice or choose to bet on a draw. The bet includes an injury time but does not count any time allocated to a particular match after the 90th minute.

Any extra time, penalty shootouts, and the like do not count if a customer opts for full-time bets. However, in case of any incidents like cancellation of any matches, each customer is refunded their money.

Half-Time Bets

Half-time bets typically involve customers betting on the first or later part of the forty-fifth minute. You can place bets before the match starts, live, or in between if it does not cross the allocated time.

With this type of bet, it is best to keep your eye out on the Singapore pools soccer odds to predict easily. In addition, even though injury time is considered, extra time is not.

Extra Time Bet

If you’re more into the thrill of betting on extra time, you wouldn’t need any Singapore pools soccer odds on this one since the bet type revolves around the 30 minutes of extra time given in a match.

You can either pick a score, bet on the total score by extra time, bet on a goal during the 30 minutes, and more.

Extra Time Bet

If you’re more into the thrill of betting on extra time, you wouldn’t need any Singapore pools soccer odds on this one since the bet type revolves around the 30 minutes of extra time given in a match.

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You can either pick a score, bet on the total score by extra time, bet on a goal during the 30 minutes, and more.


Singapore pools offer a special bet where each customer can participate in a match deciding, championship results, qualifying rounds (which team), and other tournament bets.


To make a courageous bet, referring to the Singapore pools soccer odds is always best before you drop huge amounts of money.

Getting An Account With Singapore Pools

Before you start learning or looking at the Singapore pools odds, you must set up an account for yourself first. Usually, most online casinos or outlets have an extremely easy registration process, but that’s not entirely the case with Singapore pools.

Since Singapore pools work entirely to control gambling addiction and is a legally state-authorized gambling company, there are a few steps you need to follow before you start betting with them.

Here are the steps and what you need to have before you get one:

Singapore Pools- Age Restriction

The laws surrounding gambling are extremely strict in the country, so you must be at least twenty-one years of age to participate in legal gambling with Singapore pools and other registered establishments.

The Proper Identification

As we’ve mentioned, Singapore takes its gambling laws strictly, so before you start getting excited about the various Singapore pools odds and how to earn a fortune, you need to be a resident (permanent) and a citizen of the country,

But for people not residing there or not a citizen of the country, you must have the proper documents to be eligible for an account. This includes a FIN ( foreign identification number) in Singapore.

Phone Number

Singapore pools have a strict rule when it comes to phone numbers. In case of anything suspicious or for your safety, you must have a local phone number to apply for an account.

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This makes it easier for them to track or call you in an emergency.


Singaporeans and foreigners must apply for an account with the proper local Singapore residential address. You wouldn’t be able to apply without one, so if you don’t have one, make sure you do it before you start the application process.


You cannot apply for an account if you’ve been given an exclusion order under the law. Check the official website to learn more about what the exclusion order includes before applying for an account in Singapore pools.

The Procedure

Once you have all the documents ready and find yourself eligible for an account, here’s what you need to do. Simply head to their official website and choose your preferred registration process.

You can take two steps; sign up for an account by filling the form with my info and verifying with a Singpass account, or you can do it manually by uploading all the documents above. If you choose the latter option, you must do an online video call for verification or go to one of the Singapore pool outlets to complete it.

If, for some reason, you do not consent to the online verification process; you can directly head on over to one of the branches of Singapore pools with the preferred documents and simply apply there.

The accounts are usually verified by performing the eligibility test in 3 or more days. You can also check the status of your account verification by logging in to your account with the username and password you chose.

You can participate in the various lotteries and sports betting Singapore pools provide and learn the Singapore pools odds after your verification is complete.

Help In Singapore For Gambling addiction

The NCPG organizes various campaigns to stop gambling addiction in Singapore. This includes public education, self-exclusion, age restriction, and more.


Self-exclusion is a scheme that the Government places on all legal and authorized gambling sites to prevent you from gambling. This is used by customers themselves if they think they are spending more than they earn and feel that they need a break. Depending on the severity, the allocated period can range from a year to five.