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Yes8: Make Your Fortune Today With Asia’s Best-Rated Online Casino

Yes8: In modern times, with the rise of the online casino trend globally, and the laws placed for gambling in Singapore, it may be quite difficult for Singaporean punters to find a reputable and legit online casino to entertain themselves with.

Most new and veteran punters alike find themselves struggling and usually end up as a victim to scam websites. If you’re here to change your luck by looking for one of the best online casinos today, then you’re at the right place!

Yes8 is one of those trusted online casinos that most Singaporean legit punters are familiar with. Initially targeted toward South East Asia, gamblers globally can now experience our features with immense pleasure.

Here at Yes8sg, we deliver one of the most distinct gambling experiences and offer each of our customers a secure environment using some of the most top-notch technologies in the industry. Also, if you have any questions or issues that need solving, Yes8 is designed with a 24/7 chat support system for all our customers, immediately answering and solving your problems.

With a dedicated server for all our Singaporean punters, we house some of the most popular casino games from some of the top gaming and sports betting developers and providers in the industry, such as M8bet, Eclbet, and Mega888.


Experience the best of the online gambling trend with Yes8 today!

Yes8sg’s Top Mission

While Yes8 today is on top of most punters’ list of their favorite online gambling websites, we strive to improve each day and give Singaporean gamblers and punters globally the most secure and entertaining experience.


We do this by breaking out from your typical casino websites with our fantastic collection of unique and popular games and providing the best bonuses and promotions.

But that’s not all; prioritizing our top mission of a grandiose user experience and gameplay and becoming one of the best online gambling websites globally, Yes8sg is designed with simplicity but high standards in mind.

Swift Joining Process

Singaporean punters today can easily join one of Asia’s best gambling websites, Yes8, by simply heading over to our website. Scroll through our easy-to-navigate designed webpage, and head over to your dedicated servers.

Each customer will be taken to another page and can follow the easy three-step registration process. Enter all necessary details, get an account, and experience all the best features Yes8sg offers.

Why Choose Yes8 To Make Your Fortune?

Safety and legitimacy are issues faced by long-time gamblers and newly started punters alike. If you’ve been a victim of scamming online casinos, viciously taking all your money, and you want to change your past experiences, we are here for you!

Yes8sg is certified and licensed to give you the safe gambling environment you deserve and help you make the fortune you’ve been craving for. We entirely support each of our customers with great promos and bonuses, top-notch security, chat support, great versatile payment methods, etc.

We also treat each punter with a loyalty program that has a unique set of exclusive bonuses and an affiliate program to help you earn that extra buck! Playing with Yes8sg is a win-win situation in all scenarios.

Not to mention, our website is also a home for any newbie and seasoned punters alike and offers a unique collection of popular casino games and sports betting from some of the best providers and developers like Eclbet, M8bet, Mega888, and more.

Yes8sg is here to give you that secure but ultimate gambling experience and shed a new positive light for you on the online gambling trend!  Yes8 Casino Review

What Sets Yes8 Apart?


We’ve listed some of our best features for you:

  • An excellent loyalty program.
  • Elite gaming and sports bet providers.
  • A unique and popular collection of casino games.
  • The best promotions and bonuses.
  • World-class security.
  • Secure and a variety of payment methods.

Yes8 Offers You All The Best Flexibility

Forget downloading the various APKs to gambling apps and start playing on Yes8 today. As long as you have a stable internet connection, Yes8sg offers you the most flexible experience!

To start playing with us, log on to your computer/laptop, visit our official Yes8 website, and complete the 3-step registration process. But if you’re not a fan of sitting at a computer screen all day, take the easy route and get our mobile apps today.

Unlike most casino websites, we offer you a Quick response code readily available for you on our webpage to swiftly download our apps on both your Android and IOS.

The downloading process is fairly different on both of these operating systems but fret not; we’ve prepared an easy guide with steps for you to follow:

Android Yes8sg Download

Either download the app directly using the Qr code or manually download the Yes8 APK and install it on your android device.

  • Before downloading, ensure you have the “unknown sources” option in your settings.
  • Proceed to download and install it respectively.

Yes8 Qr code Download.

  • Go to your Play Store and download the Qr code reader.
  • Scan the code that is on our website.
  • Quickly download and install the app.

IOS Yes8sg Download

eclbet singapore

If it’s your first time downloading our APK or others on your IOS device, you may notice that it is slightly different than how you do it for Android devices. Regardless, follow the steps for a smooth download.

  • Get the Yes8sg APK from the Qr code we’ve placed on our website.
  • Scan the code.
  • After you’ve downloaded the APK, go to your settings.
  • Click on Settings>general>device management.
  • Under the app heading, click the name of the developer profile.
  • Confirm the trust notification and enjoy Yes8 casino and all its features and services.

Experience The Unique Collection Of Casino Games On Yes8

From some of the top live games in the industry to a great collection of casino slots to choose from, the possibility is endless.

Customers are also treated with a range of entertainment such as Esports betting, Sports betting, casino games, poker, fishing, and lotteries from some of the top developers and providers like Eclbet, M8bet, Mega888, and more.

So it really doesn’t matter if you’re a new punter or a veteran gambler interested in casino games or sports betting; we’ll always have something for you to keep yourself entertained with and have the best time winning.


Launched in 2017, Eclbet has gained popularity among the top Singaporean and global veteran punters for giving their customers an unparalleled experience. Eclbet has dedicated servers for everyone, and Eclbet Singapore is packed with attractive promotions and bonuses.

Known for being one of the fastest-growing platforms today, they offer a huge selection of casino games to choose from, with a name for being one of the best Esports betting sites in the industry.

Adding to the excellent services Eclbet Singapore provides; their unmatched 24/7 customer service. The customers are treated with full priority, and there will always be someone on the line to help you resolve your issues.

In addition, you can play it on all your devices, including Android and IOS mobiles.

Downloading Eclbet Mobile

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Unlike most casino websites, Eclbet Singapore is now on both the App store and Playstore so you wouldn’t have any trouble downloading it. You don’t need to follow any extra steps to download the app on your preferred mobile device.

You will find the links to the app on their official Eclbet Singapore website. Click on it from your preferred mobile device and simply download, register, and start betting.




Mega888 is another secure and legit gambling site that most experienced bettors and gamblers are familiar with. The reputation gained over the years for being one of the top game developers globally is a reason why it attracts most punters, and customers are seen choosing them when compared.

While the main focus of Mega888 is mostly on Southeast Asian countries, they serve the global community of punters internationally and are unmatched in being one of the best service providers.

The website also mainly focuses on developing slot games, and customers across the globe appreciate the high winning rate on all their games. This is another reason why most punters are attracted highly to the website.

Mega888 also offers one of the best security for their customers, so rest assured, you won’t be facing any scams when you choose this online gambling website.


If you’re a serious sports bettor, you might be exceptionally familiar with M8bet. Even though they offer a wide selection of casino games, slots, and more, M8bet is another great online casino that focuses more on the Sports betting world.

M8bet has been running its operations for quite some time now and has amassed an excellent reputation for being one of the best providers in Asia but also internationally accepted.

They feature some of the best promos and bonuses and can be easily accessed using any device with a stable internet connection. Not to mention, they are infamously enhanced with the best security using top-notch high-quality technologies available, so punters have no issues when it comes to trust.